FAQs - Expression of Interest (EOI)

What is an Expression of Interest?

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first step for candidates interested in becoming permanent residents in Manitoba, Canada through the MPNP. Anyone interested in immigrating through our program as either a Skilled Worker in Manitoba or a Skilled Worker Overseas will answer a few questions about themselves and their profile to ensure they meet the minimum criteria of the MPNP. Those who submit an EOI are placed in a pool of candidates.

How do I submit an Expression of Interest?

You can access our electronic Expression of Interest tool directly from our website and will be able to create an online profile. You will provide information about your skills, work experience, language ability, education and other factors that contribute to success in Manitoba. If you meet the minimum criteria of one of the MPNP application streams, you will be placed in a pool of all eligible candidates to the program.

Can I submit more than one or multiple Expression of Interests at the same time?

No. All candidates can only have one active EOI at any given time. Each prospective applicant to the MPNP should only submit one EOI to the Program.

If your profile or family situation changes (ex.: the birth of a child, completing additional education), it is not necessary to submit a new EOI. Instead, you can edit your existing submission by logging in to your Manitoba government account and making the necessary changes. Once you re-submit your EOI with the changes made, any changes in Ranking Points will be reflected in your account.

You should only submit a new EOI if your old one has expired or if you received a Letter of Advice of Apply and decided to decline your invitation to submit a full application.

Does my Expression of Interest expire?

Expressions of Interest are valid for one year from the date candidates submit them to the MPNP. If you do not receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) after 12 months and you still want to be considered for the MPNP, you will have to complete a new profile. Making changes to an existing EOI does not extend the validity of your submission.

When should I answer yes to the question about previous immigration applications?

You should only select yes as your answer if your destination on your previous federal or provincial immigration application was a province other than Manitoba.

Does the information collected only apply to me or my spouse as well?

Questions related to any connections to Canada or previous applications must be answered with yes if this applies to either you or your spouse.

When can I claim points for language ability in Canada's second official language?

Your second official language for the purposes of the MPNP is considered the official language of Canada, English or French, in which you are less proficient. You should only indicate that you have language ability at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 or higher in Canada’s second official language if you are in possession of a valid language test as proof.

For example, if you completed an English test for your first official language, in order to receive points for a second official language, you must provide proof of a valid French test (TEF) that meets CLB 5 or higher. If you completed a French test for your first official language, in order to receive points for a second official language, you must provide a valid English test (CELPIP or IELTS) that meets CLB 5 or higher.

How do the risk factors work? Am I ineligible if I have a connection to another Canadian province or territory?

The MPNP selects skilled workers with an intention and ability to establish in our province permanently as economic immigrants. Connections to other provinces, be it through close relatives or previous immigration applications, are considered risk factors when determining an applicant’s likelihood to remain in Manitoba in the long-term.

While every case is different, a connection to another province prior to applying to the MPNP could be an indication that Manitoba is not the applicant’s first choice of immigration destination in Canada. For this reason, these risk factors are considered when determining the strength of a submission in our Expression of Interest (EOI) system.

The existence of one or multiple risk factors does however not make a candidate ineligible to the program and candidates who had points deducted because of connections to other provinces have been considered under every draw to date.

We believe that the introduction our Expression of Interest system, including the introduction of risk factors, provides the most transparent measure for the MPNP to choose the candidates with the highest likelihood for both immediate economic integration and long-term contribution to our province.

How will EOI benefit Manitoba and MPNP applicants?

The MPNP is introducing process improvements, including EOI, to ensure that Manitoba’s needs and labour market demands continue to be served by the program. These process improvements will result in:

  • Faster and more efficient processing of applications to the MPNP
  • A better ability to respond to Manitoba’s labour market needs

Will the introduction of EOI change MPNP program requirements?

No. EOI will not change MPNP eligibility requirements. It is not a new program, but a way for Manitoba to manage the intake and processing of applications in both the Skilled Worker in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas streams.

Will there be a limit on Expressions of Interest Manitoba will accept?

There will be no limit to the number of people who may submit an EOI. However, the number of candidates invited to submit a full application will continue to be based on Manitoba’s annual allocation of nomination certificates by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Will there be a list of eligible occupations for EOI?

No. There will not be a list of occupations eligible to submit an Expression of Interest. However, from time to time, the MPNP may restrict certain occupations from being invited to submit a full application to the MPNP, if there is a high volume of applications in the system and/or a demonstrated low demand for labour in specific occupations in Manitoba.

I am currently waiting for my MPNP application to be assessed. Can I submit an Expression of Interest?

Applicants whom have already submitted a full application to the MPNP do not need to submit an EOI. Their applications will be processed by the MPNP to a final decision based on the processes in place at the time they were submitted.

Is there a fee to submit an Expression of Interest?

There is no fee to submit an EOI. Language tests and Educational Credential Assessments (if you want to qualify under our Express Entry sub-stream) are completed by third party organizations for a fee. If you are invited to apply to the MPNP and subsequently are nominated for permanent residence, you will have to pay the current application processing fee for permanent residence applications directly to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

How will EOI result in faster processing times?

Under the new Expression of Interest system, we only accept applications from people who have been invited from the EOI pool. This will prevent the growth of backlogs by ensuring that only the highest-scoring candidates, those most likely to succeed in Manitoba, are able to submit a full application to the MPNP.

How do I calculate my work experience?

You must calculate the total amount of full years of work experience you have completed over the last 5 years prior to the date you are submitting your Expression of Interest. The MPNP only considers full-time employment, which is defined as at least 30 hours of work for the same employer over the period of one week.

You should only count full years of work experience you have already completed. Do not round up your work experience (Ex.: If you have gained 7 months of work experience, you would have to answer less than 1).

You should only declare full-time work experience you have gained up to the date you are submitting your EOI and must not add any future experience you may be gaining while waiting to submit a full application to the MPNP. Should you however gain an additional full year of work experience before you receive a Letter of Advice to Apply, you can update your EOI with the new information and your score will be adjusted.

Please note that should you have less full-time work experience than you claim in your EOI, a subsequent application to the MPNP will be refused and you may be subject to a ban which would keep you from submitting another EOI for a period of two years.

When should I answer yes to the question, “If your occupation is regulated in Manitoba, are you fully recognized by the provincial licensing body after undergoing all steps of having your qualifications assessed?”

First, determine if your occupation is considered regulated in Manitoba. You can find a full list of regulated professions and trades in Manitoba here.

Please only answer yes to this question if:

  • you are working in a profession or trade that is considered regulated in Manitoba; and
  • you have fully undergone all licensing steps required to work in this occupation in our province.

Submitting your credentials for evaluation is not considered sufficient proof of being able to work in Manitoba, so you would have to answer NO to this question in that case. Please review the information in the section on Regulated Professions and Trades on immigratemanitoba.com carefully to determine if you fall under a regulated occupation and to learn what it means to be fully licensed to work in Manitoba.

Please note that should you answer yes and are unable to prove that you are working in a regulated occupation and are fully licensed to work in Manitoba, a subsequent application to the MPNP will be refused and you may be subject to a ban which would keep you from submitting another EOI for a period of two years.