Recruitment Steps

Please ensure your business meets all eligibility criteria before completing the following recruitment steps:

Step A

Advertise all vacant positions using:

Job ads must be posted in all outlets mentioned above for four (4) continuous weeks immediately preceding the employer application to Employer Services. Web links to all current job postings and/or copy of job ads must be provided.

Step B

Complete the Employer Recruitment Form (ERF).

Ensure all sections of the form are completed and provide information as required.

Step C

Submit the Employer Recruitment Form (ERF) to, along with the following supporting documentation:

  • Proof of advertising, including dashboards and/or invoices showing duration of postings; results of advertising are also required (including number of inquiries, interviews, hires, and reasons for not hiring)
  • Proof of business legitimacy, including business registration, titles and articles of incorporation
  • Financial statements clearly showing gross revenue for the past three (3) years (T2SCH125 preferred)

Note: Employer Services will only accept electronic submissions in PDF format.