Recruitment Steps

Please ensure your business meets all eligibility criteria, before completing the following recruitment steps:

Step A

Advertise all vacant positions using:

Job ads must be posted in all outlets mentioned above for (4) continuous weeks immediately preceding the employer application to Employer Services. Web links to all current job postings and/or copy of job ads must be provided.

Step B

Complete the new Employer Recruitment Form (ERF).

Ensure all sections of the form are completed and provide information as required.

Step C

Submit Employer Recruitment Form (ERF) to, along with the following supporting documentation:

  • Proof of advertising, including dashboards and/or invoices showing duration of postings; results of advertising are also required (including number of inquiries, interviews, hires, and reasons for not hiring)
  • Proof of business legitimacy, including business registration, titles and articles of incorporation
  • Financial statements clearly showing gross revenue for past (3) years

Note: Employer Services will only accept electronic submissions in PDF format from employers that require a minimum of (3) workers. If less than this amount, please refer to Other Recruitment Options.