Manitoba Immigration Advisory Council

Manitoba Immigration Advisory Council


Created in February 2022, the Manitoba Immigration Advisory Council serves as an expert panel to recommend improvements to current immigration policies and programs.

The council, to be co-chaired by the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration and Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, will review the entire continuum of immigration, from promotion to retention of newcomers. It will provide clear recommendations and concrete actions to the Manitoba government including strengthening the Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement by looking at options to include new annexes or memoranda of understanding.


The focus of the council includes:

  • building on promotion to attract and recruit more immigrants and business investors to the province;
  • streamlining the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, especially with regards to setting the right balance between the province’s regional labour market, economic development and community needs; and
  • fostering Manitoba’s settlement and integration programs and services, as well as foreign credential recognition programs, to encourage labour market attachment, improve foreign credential recognition and bolster immigrant retention.


The advisory council will consist of individuals with expertise related to immigration services, governance, economic development, analysis, project management and community integration. It will represent front-line immigration service providers, ethnocultural community leaders and organizations, representatives of Manitoba’s business, industry, and academic communities, and will have urban, regional and francophone representation.