Additional Regulated Occupations in Manitoba

The information in this list is as current and complete as possible. However, due to ongoing development, there could be occupations that are missed in this list or contact information that is no longer correct. For more in depth investigation or updated contact points, follow up with:

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Table 24: Manitoba (Province of Destination) - Study Permit Holders on December 31st by Top Ten (2020 Rank) Country of Citizenship, 2018–2020

Country of Citizenship201820192020
People's Republic of China4,23522.7%13,76519.5%23,11018.6%2
Republic of Korea 5252.8%74652.4%73402.0%7
United States of America3752.0%93751.9%93302.0%8
Hong Kong SAR2101.1%2051.1%3251.9%9
Total Top Ten (2020 Rank)14,23576.4% 14,79076.6% 12,90577.3% 
Other Countries of Citizenship4,40023.6% 4,51023.4% 3,79022.7% 
Total Unique Study Permit Holders18,635100.0% 19,300100.0% 16,695100.0%