Procedural Fairness

The Procedural Fairness process allows an applicant a fair opportunity to respond to the MPNP's concerns prior to a negative decision being made on their application.

In cases in which the assessing officer would normally recommend an application for decline due to insufficient information, or concerns that the applicant does not meet all of the MPNP's requirements, a fairness letter will be sent to the applicant and their authorized representative (if applicable). The fairness letter will outline the officer's concerns and allow the applicant or their representative up to 30 days to respond to the content of the letter. This time period allows the applicant a fair opportunity to respond to the concerns outlined in the fairness letter.

After the specified period has expired, the officer will complete their assessment of the application and make a recommendation. The recommendation will be reviewed by at least one other officer before the decision is finalized. This multi-step process involving multiple officers of the MPNP ensures that each application is assessed fairly.

Further details regarding the MPNP decision making process for each program stream can be found on the corresponding web pages in the Immigrate to Manitoba section of this website.