Apply - Entrepreneur Pathway

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has launched a paper-based interim process for applying to the Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway. The interim process uses the forms below. This process will be in place until technical changes to the MPNP Online system are complete.

Process overview

These steps briefly show the process for applying to the Entrepreneur Pathway.

Step 1: Self-assess your eligibility and business research

You may be eligible for more than one stream and/or pathway.

The minimum eligibility requirements of the Entrepreneur Pathway are:

  • Business experience: Minimum of three (3) years of full time work experience in the past five (5) years either as an active business owner (minimum 33% or one-third ownership) or working in a senior management role of a successful business
  • Net worth: Minimum of $500,000 CAD
  • Official languages proficiency: Minimum CLB/NCLC 5
  • Education: Minimum Canadian high school certificate equivalent

The Self-Assessment Form will help you to determine your ranking score under the Entrepreneur Pathway. The full assessment of your eligibility will be done by the MPNP after a complete application is received.

Step 2: Submit your Expression of Interest to the MPNP

Once you have completed the Step 1, you can submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) by email to with the following forms:

Step 3: Receive an LAA and submit your complete application

Pay the Processing Fee

You will be required to pay a processing fee by wire transfer in the amount of $2,500.00 CAD when submitting an application to the MPNP. Processing fees are not refundable.

Step 4: Assessment of your application

A complete application will be assigned to a Business Immigration Officer (BIO) for full assessment. The assessment of the application is based on the established eligibility criteria of the MPNP.

The MPNP reserves the right to prioritize applications for businesses that contribute significant economic benefit to Manitoba.

Your application will be assessed by a minimum of two BIOs who will review the information provided in the application prior to making a recommendation to approve or refuse.

Note: MPNP may invite you to attend an interview during the assessment process.

Step 5. Establish your business in Manitoba and fulfill the BPA

Report upon date of arrival

Once you have received a Work Permit and arrived in Manitoba, you must notify the MPNP in person, within 30 days of the Date of Arrival, of your Manitoba address and telephone number. You will be assigned to a BIO, who will become your contact person for any questions and concerns you may have going forward.

Progress report

You are required to submit Progress Reports to the MPNP:

  • First Progress Report: within six (6) months of the Date of Arrival
  • Final Progress Report: no later than 20 months after the Date of Arrival

Note: Please be advised that you should have been operating your business for no less than six (6) months immediately prior to submitting the Final Progress Report to the MPNP.

Step 6: Final recommendation

If the MPNP is convinced that you have successfully fulfilled all terms and conditions in your BPA, a recommendation will be made to nominate you. This recommendation will be reviewed by the Director of the MPNP before a final decision is made to issue you a Confirmation of Nomination. The Confirmation of Nomination will be sent to you by email.

If the MPNP is not satisfied that you have successfully fulfilled all terms and conditions in your BPA, the BIO will make a recommendation to refuse your application.

Applications can be refused due to the following concerns, which include, but are not limited to:

  • You failed to fulfill the BPA prior to the expiry date of the BPA;
  • It is confirmed that you have breached the BPA before its expiry date
  • The MPNP has discovered discrepancies of a relevant and material nature in your application, or other documentations and/or information you have provided; and/or
  • It is confirmed by IRCC or other official body/verification agency that documentation in your application is fraudulent.

For more details on the process and all of the steps, download the Business Investor Stream (BIS) - Entrepreneur Stream Guidelines and refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 7: Arrive in Manitoba and meet with a Business Immigration Officer

All approved applicants must meet with an MPNP Business Immigration Officer as soon as they arrive in Manitoba with a temporary work permit, as a condition of your Business Performance Agreement (BPA).

MPNP Business Immigration Officers can assist you with general guidance to help you:

  • execute your proposed business plan;
  • understand the local business environment and culture;
  • understand the regulatory environment and related legal requirements;
  • set up processes and functions for a successful operation;
  • connect with external business support agencies based on your specific business start-up plans.

The Immigration Pathways Division can also help by connecting you and your family members to a variety of settlement and integration supports that will you help establish successfully in Manitoba.

Forms and documents

Ensure that you have downloaded the most recent version of each form.

Important: These forms are intended to be completed on a desktop or laptop computer. They may not display or function properly on a mobile device (phone or tablet). Visit to download the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

Some forms require a digital signature (digital ID). For more information on signing a PDF form with a digital ID, please visit The Business Investor Stream interim process forms and documents may be signed with a self-signed digital ID or a digital ID from a certificate authority.

Manitoba forms

Document Name (click to download)SizeLast Updated
BIS - Entrepreneur Stream Guidelines500 KB05-2022
Entrepreneur Pathway Self-Assessment Form2 MB05-2019
Entrepreneur Pathway Business Concept Form1.5 MB11-2018
Business Performance Agreement Overview650 KB05-2022

Manitoba application forms

Document Name (click to download)SizeLast Updated
Entrepreneur Pathway Instructions and Document Checklist1 MB03-2019
Entrepreneur Pathway Business Plan Guidelines500 KB05-2022
Entrepreneur Pathway Generic Application Form1 MB05-2018
Business Investor Stream Fee Payment Form1 MB02-2020
Business Investor Stream Information Release Form1 MB05-2022
Business Investor Stream Consent to Indirect Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information750 KB05-2022

Federal immigration forms (Step 4)

See the Entrepreneur Pathway Application Instructions and Checklist for links to the federal immigration forms required with your application to the MPNP Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway.

Business Performance Agreement sample

The version of the agreement posted is current as of the date it is posted and may be subject to change from time to time. Same is being provided for informational purposes only and may differ from the actual agreement executed by a successful applicant to the Program.

Document Name (click to download)SizeLast Updated
Business Investor Stream - Business Performance Agreement - Sample1 MB05-2022

Verification of net worth and source of funds

Applicants are required to submit a complete verification of net worth and source of funds report issued by one of Manitoba's designated third-party verifiers with their completed application forms and documents.

The designated third-party verifiers for the MPNP are:

Grant Thornton LLP
94 Commerce Drive
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0Z3

Phone: +1-204-272-4738

242 Hargrave Street, Suite 1200
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0T8

Phone: +1-204-927-2934
Fax: +1-204-783-8329
Toll Free: 1-877-500-0795