Your Settlement Checklist

Before you move to Manitoba

  • Learn about Manitoba and the city or town in which you plan to live
  • Learn about the weather, particularly in the month of your arrival
  • If English is not your first language – practice your English – reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Be certain you have a place to live for the first few weeks until you can get yourself settled permanently
  • Gather all your documents related to work and school. Examples include:
    • letters of reference from employers
    • high school diploma and transcript
    • college and university diplomas and transcripts
    • professional certification/licenses
  • If you have an offer of employment, learn about the company.
  • If you need to find a job after you arrive, begin researching employment opportunities
  • If you work in a regulated profession or trade, learn about your occupation and the requirements to work in Manitoba. Visit the website of the professional regulatory body specific to your regulated profession or trade. Also, check out Manitoba’s Profession Specific Resource Guides. There are licensing/certification steps you may be able to complete before you leave your country.

After you arrive in Manitoba

  • If you are settling in Winnipeg, visit Manitoba Start to gain access to free settlement, language, and employment services. If you are settling elsewhere in Manitoba, visit your nearest immigrant settlement service agency.
  • Apply for a Manitoba Health Card for you and all members of your family so you can access health care in Manitoba.
  • Apply for a Social Insurance Number so you can work in Manitoba.
  • Visit the bank or credit union where you plan to do your banking. If you have already transferred money to your new bank/credit union drop by the new bank/credit union to introduce yourself and, if necessary, to get advice on managing your money.