Module and Lesson Plans

This resource collection contains CLB-referenced module plans and authentic materials to help you create your own lessons. There are 12 subject themes. Sub-topics will help you locate modules of interest. Some sub-topics overlap; for example, spousal and child abuse is under Family, Friends & Neighbours, but family law is under Law.

These resources and modules were created by Manitoba EAL instructors and are provided as-is. They may include spelling, formatting, or other items that require correction before use in the classroom. Files are in Microsoft Word format unless otherwise stated.

Pre-employmentStage II
CLB 6: Answering interview questions
CLB 6: Preparing for a job interview
On the JobEAL Literacy
EAL Literacy Phase 1, CLB 1: Reporting an injury at work
EAL Literacy Phase 3, CLB 5: Reading and following a work schedule

Stage I
CLB 1: Safety at work
CLB 2, 3, 4: Getting supplies
CLB 2: Locating tools
CLB 2: Working overtime
CLB 4: Asking for a raise

Stage II
CLB 5: Using the phone
CLB 7: Safety in the workplace
CLB 8: Getting along at work
Health and SafetyEAL Literacy
EAL Literacy Foundations, CLB 2: Healthy eating
EAL Literacy Phase 2, CLB 4: Nutrition

Stage I
CLB 1: At the doctor's reception
CLB 1: Dressing for winter
CLB 2: Emergencies needing an ambulance
CLB 3: Discussing ailments
CLB 3: Going to a walk-in clinic (illness)
CLB 3: Going to the dentist
CLB 3: Personal safety
CLB 4: Going to the pharmacy

Stage II
CLB 5: Nutrition and choosing healthy foods
CLB 5: Going to the doctor
CLB 5: Over-the-counter medicine
CLB 6: Fitness
CLB 6: Going to Emergency
CLB 8: Substance abuse
HousingStage I
CLB 3: Finding an apartment
CLB 3: Apartment problems
CLB 4: Renting an apartment

Stage II
CLB 5: Finding a place to live
For ConsumersStage I
CLB 1: Shopping for clothes
CLB 2: A family budget
CLB 2: Shopping for groceries
CLB 4: Opening a bank account

Stage II
CLB 5: Preliminaries to opening a bank account
CLB 7: Customer inquiries: defective items
Education and LearningStage I
CLB 1: Giving personal information at school
CLB 2: Enrolling a child in school
CLB 2: Your child's progress report
CLB 3: Introduction to Collaborative Language Portfolio Assessment

Stage II
CLB 5: Children & school: parental involvement
CLB 7: Applying for college or university
Community, Getting AroundEAL Literacy
Phase 1, CLB 1: Using public transit - bus schedules
Phase 2, CLB 3: Getting a library card

Stage I
CLB 1: Locating places in the community
CLB 4: Government services

Stage II
CLB 6: Libraries
Recreation and TravelStage I
CLB 4: Checking into a hotel

Stage II
CLB 8: Water safety issues
LawEAL Literacy
Phase 2, CLB 4: Responding to a traffic offence
Culture and CitizenshipStage I
CLB 3: Canada Day

Stage II
CLB 6: Taxes: introduction to filing a tax return
CLB 7: Statutory holidays in the workplace
CLB 8: The electoral process in Canada
EnvironmentStage II
CLB 7: Recycling and garbage
CLB 8: Global warming
Friends, Families, and NeighboursEAL Literacy
Phase 1, CLB 1: Personal schedules

Stage I
CLB 1: Housewarmings
CLB 2: A new baby in the neighbourhood
CLB 4: Positive discipline (with activities)