Refugee Claimants Living in Manitoba

Through the In-Canada Asylum Program individuals can make an asylum claim in Canada either at a port of entry (POE) or at an inland office of federal department of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). All refugee claimants undergo health and thorough security and background screening.

Asylum claimants can ask for Canada’s protection if they fear persecution or risk harm by returning to their home country. Through a claims process, it is determined by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) whether they have a legitimate claim and if by international law fit the definition of a refugee.

The number of refugee claims made in Manitoba fluctuates, depending on external pressures. There was a small surge in 2017, with over 1000 claims, but numbers since then have returned to more typical levels of between 200 to 400 per year.

Refugee Claimants can obtain work permits, access some settlement services, and are eligible for a variety of provincial/federal services, including health care.

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*Because refugee claimants are not permanent residents, they may not be eligible for all services at all settlement agencies. It is best to inquire before visiting an agency to learn if they offer services for refugee claimants.