Destination Canada 2017

Registration is now open for the 2017 edition of Destination Canada Job Fair which will take place November 14th, 15th and 16th in Paris, November 18th in Brussels. A preparatory meeting for all Canadian participants will take place in Paris on November 13th.

Webconferences for employers

On September 13th, the Embassy of Canada in France will host a webinar for employers interested in learning more about Destination Canada, Mobilité francophone, Express Entry and other support available for international recruitment.

Session in French: September 13, 2017, 10:00 (EDT)
Session in English: September 13, 2017, 11:00 (EDT)

To sign up please send your name, title and company name to and mention EMPLOYER WEBINAR in the subject.

Information sessions for employers in British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Manitoba and Ontario

Several information sessions are planned between September 24th and October 6th in British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Manitoba and Ontario. Details about these opportunities to find out more about support for international recruitment, temporary and permanent immigration programs including Mobilité francophone and Express Entry will follow by email and on

Accommodations for employers

An accommodation package is offered again this year by Megatour, at a cost of 1 330 euros for 7 nights including breakfast, free wifi and transportation from the hotel to the forum in Paris and in Brussels.

LMIA exemption under the International Mobility Program stream “Mobilité francophone”

Since June 1st, 2016, the Mobilité Francophone stream exempts employers from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process when they hire francophone workers in managerial, professional and technical/skilled trades occupations from abroad to work outside of Quebec. You will find details on eligibility and how to apply in the attached bilingual information sheet.

MPNP Information and Employer Engagement Sessions in Manila, Philippines (Nov. 20-24, 2017)

We have reached capacity for interviews of candidates whose skills and experiences meet the job descriptions posted for the Manila Mission 2017. We thank all who expressed an interest in qualifying for an interview. We will not accept any additional e-mail requests effective October 19, 2017.

Events for Manitoba Employers

Employer Direct is your ticket to international recruitment events

The telephone and Internet are great inventions, but nothing beats meeting and interviewing your next international candidate face-to-face.

Employer Direct helps Manitoba employers take advantage of overseas events and initiatives targeting skilled workers, tradespeople and professionals eager and able to move to Canada.

Need assistance in navigating the in’s and out’s of temporary foreign worker recruitment? Contact Employer Direct. Our experienced immigration officers will help you successfully attend overseas job fairs to find the skilled workers your company needs. Continue reading

Does Express Entry affect employers?

In January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada launches its new electronic system – Express Entry – to manage applications for permanent residence under certain economic immigration programs.

The Government of Canada, provinces/territories and Canadian employers will be able to select people from the Express Entry pool.

Before looking in Express Entry, employers must first make every effort to try and find a Canadian or permanent resident to fill vacant job opportunities.

Employers in Canada who cannot find a Canadian or permanent resident for a permanent job will be able to consider candidates from the pool who meet their needs.

Express Entry and the Government of Canada’s Job Bank will let eligible employers in Canada and skilled foreign nationals connect with one another more easily, making integration faster once immigrants arrive in Canada.

Hiring francophone immigrants without Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

WINNIPEG – In a series of meetings with community leaders, immigration advocacy groups, and stakeholders in Winnipeg this week, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander has advocated increased francophone immigration across Canada.

Alexander said communities outside Quebec should be targeted in particular for francophone immigration. The Government of Canada is committed to increasing the French-speaking immigrant population outside Quebec, and has established the Francophone Significant Benefit Program for employers, which allows for LMIA-exempt hiring of skilled French-speaking/bilingual professionals.

“Our government is proud to promote Francophone immigration to Canada, which will help to ensure our communities remain vibrant and prosperous. We will continue to work with our partners to attract Francophone immigrants with the skills our labour market and economy needs,” Alexander said.

While in Winnipeg, Mr. Alexander met with the local Francophone Immigration Network and other stakeholders to discuss francophone immigration and other local needs. The minister also visited the Accueil Francophone and met with young Manitobans who participated in a program of the Conseil de développement économique des municipalités bilingues du Manitoba. These two organizations provide services and programs to help francophone immigrants settle and enter the job market.

Canada ‘tops’ with U.K. skilled workers

Skilled workers in the U.K. take note: Canada is the No. 1 immigration destination, having knocked down Australia after a decade in the top spot, according to attendance records of recent Working International Expos.

Working International holds recruitment events in the United Kingdom, and partners with employers and the the Province of Manitoba to source internationally experienced skilled workers and professionals who are needed in the Manitoba labour market.

If you are a Manitoba employer seeking staff, or are interested in moving to Manitoba, Canada, take note of these upcoming Work International events:

London (Sept. 20 – 21, 2014): 26 million people live within two hours of London. Also an European hub, you can expect to meet Brits from the South of England and skills from Europe. We regularly attract highly specialist people from Germany and other Western European countries applying to specific positions being promoted.

Dublin (Sept. 24, 2014): Unemployment in Ireland is almost 12 per cent. Prospects are not great for many, yet the skill base is high. Irish workers in all areas contribute significantly to our economy and are well respected in Canada. The one-day event allows you to meet these people and directly recruit them before they move.

Manchester (Sept. 27 – 28, 2014): The hub of the North of England, Manchester is within two hours of 17.5 million people. Steeped in manufacturing and engineering history, Canadian companies always do well here, meeting skilled people very motivated to move for a superior lifestyle and away from overcast skies.