Prepare to Live in Manitoba

Learn as much as you can before arriving about the facilities, available services, culture, climate and geography of the community that you will live in.

  • Learn about Manitoba and the city or town in which you plan to live.
  • Enjoy some of these Manitoba videos:
    • Travel Manitoba has a selection of videos showcasing the places and people of Manitoba: Travel Manitoba videos and website
    • Winnipeg videos
  • Learn about the weather, particularly in the month of your arrival
  • Be certain you have a place to live for the first few weeks until you can get yourself settled permanently

Gather and bring important documentation related to work and school

These documents may be important when applying for jobs or training programs or for other important events as you settle or later when you live in Manitoba.

Examples include:

  • letters of reference from employers
  • high school diploma and transcript
  • college and university diplomas and transcripts
  • professional certification/licenses