Question & Answer Guide - Newcomer Community Integration Support Program

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of funding a project can apply for?

Consideration will only be given to candidates with a proposed budget of no more than $450,000.00.

If two organizations are working together on a project, which organization should apply for funding?

Only one application per project will be accepted. Partner organizations, based on their respective roles in the project, should decide which organization will apply and be accountable for the project funding.

Are the CFA documents available in French? Can we submit an application in French?

Yes, the CFA documents are available in French as well as English. Proposals submitted in any official language (French or English) will be accepted.

Can I submit a hard copy application?

No, only the online application is accepted. Please follow the instructions in the CFA Guidelines to submit an online application.

Can I fill the online application partially and come back to finish it at a later time?

The online application does not have the function to save a partially finished form and reopen it at a later time. It is strongly recommended that you draft your answers in a Word document and have all supporting documents ready before making an attempt to fill the online application.

What should I do if there is not enough space to address the question in the text box provided?

Applicants are expected to concisely articulate their project needs, activities, outcomes etc. in the provided text box (limited to 250 words). You have the opportunity to provide one additional document (maximum 6 pages) with additional information if needed.

How do I know if my online application was successfully submitted?

Once you complete all required fields of the online application form and click the submit button, a confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox with a copy of the application you have submitted.

What do I do if I encounter technical issues with the online application?

We recommend that you reload the online application page or try it at a different time. If the problem persists, please email for assistance.

Can I withdraw an application?

You may withdraw a submitted application at any time throughout the CFA process prior to the execution of the Agreement. To withdraw an application, a written notice of withdrawal must be sent to with the subject line "Withdrawal of Application".

Will short-term (5–6 week) wage subsidies or any other financial assistance to clients be considered eligible expenses?

No, only salaries, wages and overhead will be considered as eligible expenses as defined by the CFA Guidelines. The purpose of the NCIS is to fund services to achieve the expected outcomes. Providing financial assistance to clients is beyond the scope of this funding program.  

Who can I contact if I have a question about the CFA?

If you have any questions regarding the CFA, please email Please ensure you have thoroughly read the Guidelines and the Question & Answer Guide before submitting your question.