Recruitment Steps

If your business meets eligibility criteria, you can proceed to complete the following steps:

Step 1

Advertise All Vacant Positions On:

  • Canada Job Bank; and (2) other common job sites (Indeed, Kijiji, Glassdoor etc.)

*Job ads must be posted for 4 continuous weeks prior to employer application submission to MPNP Employer Services and must remain active throughout the entire recruitment process

Step 2

Contact Manitoba Start’s Job Matching Unit to post vacant positions (must provide proof of Contact with MB Start and on-going correspondence)

Step 3

Develop a Human Resource Plan which demonstrates:

  • a genuine need to recruit workers;
  • timeline when workers are needed;
  • number of workers needed to meet labour market need;
  • immediate or business growth need (must specify)
  • turnover rate and measures in place to mitigate turnover
  • how workers and their families will be supported upon arrival (list all settlement supports provided)

Step 4

Complete Employer Recruitment Form (ERF), gather advertising, Human Resource plan and proof of business registration and or certificate of incorporation

Step 5

Submit all supporting documentation as outlined above to

Note:  When submitting your documents to, include web links to your active job advertisements in the body of your message. PDF copies of your job postings are not required.

MPNP Employer Services will not accept paper submission.

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