Information Change Requests and Information Accuracy

The MPNP relies, although not exclusively, upon the information provided in the application and, if undertaken by the MPNP, the interview of the applicant. Additionally, the MPNP undertakes its own due diligence with respect to prospective nominees, which may include conducting investigations to verify the accuracy of applicant-provided information. The MPNP has the obligation and authority to determine suitability for nomination and to investigate applicants and the information provided in the application, as well as any communications concerning the application, made either directly by the applicant or by the applicant's representative.

Every applicant is expected to be honest, open and forthright in his/her interactions with the MPNP. This includes the submission of the application, and also includes the relevant documentation that is provided in support of that application. Applicants are required to ensure that their application is complete and accurate when it is submitted, and should not expect to rely on being able to correct errors or omissions later on in the evaluation process.

Applicants are expected to disclose to the MPNP any updates in personal or financial circumstances which might alter, in a material way, information that they have already submitted. Any such updated information or documentation must be accompanied by an explanation from the applicant, indicating the nature of and reasons for the update.

If the MPNP determines that a submitted information update is particularly onerous (for example, if it substantially alters the content of the application), then it may set back the timeline for assessment of the application or require the applicant to withdraw his/her application altogether and reapply. Decisions regarding the effect of new or updated applicant-provided information are strictly at the discretion of the MPNP.

You should be aware that any information provided to the MPNP after the application has been submitted may affect the decision being made. The MPNP has the discretion to render its decision based on the totality of information submitted, including having reference to the original application, as well as any new or updated information submitted, the circumstances of such submission, and also having reference to any information obtained through the MPNP's own due diligence. Each MPNP decision will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and the outcome in any one case cannot be taken as a guarantee of a particular result in any other case.

You are ultimately responsible for any and all information that you submit, or that is submitted on your behalf. Material misrepresentation of a relevant fact on an application may be grounds for refusal or revocation of a nomination certificate. If the MPNP becomes aware of or discovers discrepancies, such as false submissions, omissions, etc. of a relevant and material nature in an application or other applicant-provided information, the application may be declined, even when such misrepresentations are made by your representative.

If new information is submitted after the application has been assessed, that information will not be accepted. If a request for an interview or meeting with MPNP staff to discuss new information is made, that request will be declined. All communications concerning an application under assessment must be made in writing and sent to the MPNP either by email or postal mail.