FAQs - Business Investor

1. Can the MPNP issue an invitation letter to assist me in getting a visitor visa to conduct a business research visit in Manitoba?

A business research visit is recommended but not a mandatory requirement of the MPNP. It is the responsibility of the potential candidate to apply for a visitor's visa to Canada. The MPNP does not provide an invitation letter to candidates.

2. If I was convicted of a crime, can I still apply to the MPNP?

Please review the information on IRCC's website on determining admissibility to find out if you are inadmissible to Canada.

3. My country has an education system that is only equivalent to Grade 10 in Canada. If I graduated high school from my country, do I meet the minimum education requirement of MPNP?

Also known as secondary school, high school runs from Grades 9 to 12 in most Canadian provinces and territories. Visit Student Aid and Education Planning or Statistics Canada for more information.

4. I have taken an official language test, which has expired, and now I have arranged to take a new test. Could I submit my Expression of Interest (EOI) with the available expired test score and then update it with the new test result later?

As stated in the Self-Assessment Form, in order to claim points for your language ability, you must have test results that are less than two years old at the time your EOI is received by the MPNP.

5. Can I change information submitted in my EOI after I received a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA)?

If the changes are significant and material to your EOI, please contact the MPNP. Failure to do so may result in a negative decision on your application. Alternatively, you could decline to apply to MPNP with the LAA issued and resubmit an EOI with accurate information.

6. Is the Business Research Visit a mandatory requirement?

Business Research Visit is not a mandatory requirement. However, you are strongly encouraged to visit Manitoba to research business investment opportunities, otherwise you can not claim any points under "Factor 4 of Business Research Visit to Manitoba" in the Self-Assessment Form. Either way, you must demonstrate that you have conducted extensive research and collected sufficient market intelligence in the business opportunity proposed.

7. I have visited the Province of Manitoba twice within the last twelve months and each time I stayed for less than 10 days. Can I combine these two trips together and claim 20 points on the Self-Assessment Form for ten days of Business Research?

You can not combine two separate trips together to claim points. You must visit Manitoba for at least 10 consecutive days during one trip in order to claim 20 points, excluding the arrival and departure days.

8. How long do I have to wait to receive feedback on my EOI submission?

The MPNP is committed to responding to an EOI submission within four weeks from the date of submission.

9. My spouse and I jointly own a business with share ownership of more than 33.33%, while my own share is below 33.33%. Am I eligible to apply to the MPNP?

Yes. To be considered as a business owner, the MPNP requires an applicant's share ownership to be at least 33.33%. The combined share ownership of the applicant and the spouse will be considered.

10. Can I count my dependent children's assets into my net worth?

Yes, you must declare all your net worth including that of your dependent family members.

11. What fees will I have to pay?

The MPNP charges an Application fee of CDN $2,500, which is non-refundable. If you are nominated, you will be responsible for all Federal Immigration processing and the Right of Permanent Residency Fees. You will receive detailed instructions on payment of Federal fees after you are nominated.

12. Can I still apply if I have been refused under an immigration program of another province?

Yes, you can still apply. However, you will be required to advise the MPNP if an application has been made previously to another Provincial or Federal immigration program. You are required to advise the MPNP of the results of that application, including copies of any correspondence such as a letter of refusal. The application should contain sufficient information to allow the MPNP to evaluate why the factors for refusal in the other Provincial or Federal programs do not apply to the application to Manitoba.

13. If I have dependants, relatives or friends living somewhere else in Canada, will that cause my application to be automatically refused?

Manitoba only approves and nominates individuals who intend to reside in Manitoba along with your dependent family members. The MPNP strongly encourages you to demonstrate to the MPNP that you will meet this requirement whether you have or do not have relatives, dependents or friends in another province. If, for example, a dependent is studying in another province, you might consider moving this dependent to an educational facility in Manitoba to demonstrate a commitment to the province. Having friends or relatives in another province does not automatically cause an application to be refused. However, the MPNP must be convinced that the applicant will not come to Canada and reside in the province where those friends or relatives currently are. It is up to you to convince the MPNP of your sincerity to relocate to Manitoba.

14. Does the MPNP assist an applicant to identify specific business opportunities in Manitoba? What is a good business to invest in?

As a government entity, the MPNP does not endorse or advertise directly or indirectly any business opportunities. The MPNP does not have a list of businesses for sale. However, the MPNP could provide you with the necessary information that will assist you to undertake independent research for business opportunities in Manitoba. Manitoba has a diverse economy with business opportunities in a variety of economic sectors. We encourage you to conduct as much research as possible to identify opportunities across the broad spectrum of businesses operating in the Manitoba economy.

15. If I receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) from your office, will I be guaranteed a Permanent Resident Visa to come to Canada?

The MPNP will extend an LAA to EOI candidates who have the potential to qualify for the MPNP. Applicants must meet all requirements of the MPNP and the Federal Government's Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to obtain a Permanent Resident Visa.

16. Do my documents have to be translated by a certified translator?

Yes. All documents must be accurately translated into English or French. Copies of the original language documents must also be included. If nominated, the Canada visa office may require similar translated documents. Applicants are advised to prepare additional copies of translated documents for this purpose.

17. Do I need to hire a lawyer, consultant, or representative to help me complete or advise me on my application?

You do not need an immigration representative to submit an EOI or apply to the MPNP. If you choose to use an immigration representative, you are responsible for ensuring that your representative is authorized. The MPNP does not endorse the services of any immigration representative or recruiter. The MPNP does not work with unauthorized representatives, and has no official immigration representatives acting on its behalf.

If you choose to use an immigration representative, you are responsible for ensuring that your representative is authorized and in good standing. Your application will not receive special attention or be handled differently from other applications, and it will not automatically guarantee an approval.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act requires that all immigration representatives that provide Canadian immigration services for a fee must be registered and in good standing with the appropriate regulatory body. Representatives must operate according to the MPNP Code of Conduct. Failure to declare an immigration representative or recruiter may result in the refusal of your MPNP application.

Manitoba will only recognize or release information to a paid immigration representative who is:

  • a lawyer who is a member in good standing of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society; or
  • a notary who is a member in good standing of the Chambre des notaires du Quebec; or
  • an immigration consultant who is a member in good standing of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)

Failure to disclose an immigration representative may result in a refusal of your MPNP application for misrepresentation if you were found to have used services of a concealed representative or ghost consultant (defined by IRCC) for your application.

18. Can my children attend public schools in Manitoba? Do I have to pay for the school?

Upon your arrival in Manitoba on a valid Work Permit, your dependents under the age of 18 are entitled to attend public schools in Manitoba.

Manitoba K-12 School Divisions and Districts: School Division Map

Temporary Work Permit and Business Performance Agreement

19. Why is a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) required?

If your application is approved by Manitoba under the Business Investor Stream, you will be required to sign a BPA with the Government of Manitoba. The nomination certificate will be issued when the MPNP verifies that your investment described in your BPA has been made and your business is operational and that you meet all conditions described in your BPA.

20. Who could be a witness of the applicant when signing the Business Performance Agreement?

Unless specified otherwise, an adult individual who signs as a witness can be any person, including a friend or family member and does not have to be a lawyer or notary, excluding elected Canadian government officials.

21. What are eligible businesses? Where can I find the list of eligible businesses to invest in Manitoba?

The Investment Eligibility Criteria are specified in the Business Performance Agreement (BPA). The MPNP does not provide a list of eligible businesses.

A list of ineligible businesses can be found in the Business Performance Agreement Overview posted here.

22. Once I have received a Temporary Work Permit (TWP), can my family come with me to Manitoba? Will my family and I be entitled to medical coverage in Manitoba or do I need to purchase health insurance on my own cost?

Yes, unless they are ineligible to accompany you or are inadmissible to Canada.

Find out if your child qualifies as a dependent: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/age-limit-requirements-dependent-children.html

With a TWP valid for more than one year, you and your dependent family members (spouse and children under 18 years old) are covered by Manitoba Health. However, purchasing extra health insurance policies is an option for individual needs. Health Care Coverage policies are updated regularly by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living department (MHSAL). For detailed information of health insurance coverage policies please visit https://www.gov.mb.ca/health/mhsip/#Q1

Effective September 1, 2018, individuals with a Study Permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are no longer eligible for health insurance coverage through MHSAL.

23. How soon should I arrive in Canada once I have received an approval letter from IRCC for my TWP application?

You must seek entry to Canada to obtain your work permit by the validity date specified in the approval letter. You are strongly recommended to take into consideration of the implementation timeline required in the BPA (Article 2.7) when arranging your Date of Entry to Canada. Onus is on you to establish the proposed business within the program's timeline. The MPNP may or may not approve an extension request on a case by case basis. More information with regard to extension request is available here.

24. If someone is granted a change of business by month six, does it reset the timeline for the business to be established?

According to the BPA, "Manitoba will only consider a request for a Change of Business if it is received within twelve (12) months following the Date of Arrival." Since there is a time constraint regarding the business change request, it does not automatically allow resetting the timeline. The applicant shall make a written request to the MPNP for an extension of time subject to its approval, if they are unable to fulfill all the obligations to establish the Business within the timeline.

25. Will a business investment be considered eligible if the payment is made to vendors/suppliers outside of Manitoba?

It does not matter where the vendors are, as long as the goods or services received are used by your business in Manitoba. When you acquire goods and/or services from foreign countries or other provinces of Canada, make sure that you keep all the invoices, receipts, custom documents and payment record. The MPNP will require these documents to verify the cost of each item in order to count them towards your Eligible Business Investment.

26. How do I prove that I have been residing in the Province of Manitoba for at least eighty per cent (80%) of the time following my date of arrival?

As individual cases may vary, the MPNP may employ various methods of due diligence to confirm your physical presence in Manitoba for the required period.

27. When will the MPNP start to count my investment towards the Eligible Business Investments?

Any expenditure that meets the Business Performance Agreement definition will be counted towards the eligible business investment regardless of when the expenditure occurred. The key factor being "for business use."

28. Can I invest more or less than what I have promised in the Business Performance Agreement (BPA)?

You can invest more than the amount specified in the BPA. Manitoba will not consider a request for a change of Business that may decrease the amount of the investment or alter any of the commitments made by the Applicant in the application.

29. I understand that I am required to create at least one full-time position in my new business. Can this full-time employee be my spouse, child or a relative?

You are required to create at least one full-time position, or part-time positions with combined working hours equivalent to one full-time position, in your new business and to hire a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who is not your spouse or dependent child.

30. May I change my plans for my business venture after I arrive in Manitoba?

You may do so only with the approval of the MPNP. You will be required to provide a rationale for the change in the business plan.

31. What if I need more time after arrival to establish my business?

The MPNP will review an extension request considering your circumstances along with the business establishment activities you have undertaken. Extensions are not automatically granted. A written request must be submitted to the MPNP before the extension deadline specified in the Business Performance Agreement and provide adequate explanation as to why an extension shall be considered.

32. Who should I contact after I arrive in Manitoba?

It is important that you contact staff of the MPNP Office at 7th Floor, 213 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 1N3. You can contact the MPNP at: (204) 945-2806 to arrange an appointment. You will be required to bring a copy of you and your family's temporary resident permit with you at that time. The MPNP provides information, advice and guidance to you in preparing for and going through the establishment of your proposed business.

NOTE: Do not quit your job or sell or dispose of your personal possessions and business assets until you have official confirmation from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada that you will receive a permanent resident visa.

33. How long my Business Investor Stream application will remain active?

Your approved application will be considered active for two years from the date of your first arrival in Canada on the work permit, which you obtained with the support of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Even if you decide not to abide by the terms and conditions of the Business Performance Agreement, your Business Investor Stream application will remain active and only the MPNP has discretion to close the application.  While your application is active, you or your spouse cannot apply to any other stream of the MPNP.

34. How long will it take for me to receive my nomination certificate and what are the factors that may delay the issuance of nomination?

You may receive approval for issuance of nomination after six months of successful operation of your newly established or purchased business. The MPNP will monitor the business operation for at least for six months after the establishment of fact that business has invested the promised amount and is operational. There are several factors that can delay issuance of the nomination. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Delay on your part in submitting the necessary documents to verify investment in your business;
  • Program Officer not having access to your business premises;
  • Unable to verify that you have stayed in Manitoba for a minimum of 80% of time after landing on temporary work permit;
  • Business not meeting the conditions of the Business Performance Agreement (BPA) such as creating "minimum one (1) new FTE Job(s) in the Province of Manitoba"; and
  • Not meeting other conditions of the BPA.