Eligibility - Entrepreneur Pathway

CriterionMinimum Requirement
Business ExperienceYou must have a minimum of 3 years of full-time work experience in the past 5 years either as an active business owner or working in a senior management role of a successful business.

Business owners are given higher points in comparison to senior managers.

Business owners must have at least 33 1/3% ownership to qualify for points.
Language ProficiencyYou must have a minimum level of CLB/NCLC 5.
EducationYou must have a minimum education level of Canadian high school equivalency.
Net WorthYou must have a minimum net worth of $500,000 CAD.

Your personal net worth will be verified by a third-party supplier approved by the MPNP. A verification report, along with the application, must be submitted to the MPNP within 120 days of receiving your LAA.
Business InvestmentThe minimum investment is $250,000 CAD for businesses situated in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.

The minimum investment is $150,000 CAD if a business is situated outside of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.

Business investment must be made in an eligible business as defined by the MPNP.

The proposed business must create or maintain at least one job for a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident in Manitoba (excluding owners of the business and/or their close relatives).

The details of Business Investment must be presented in a business plan, which is an integral part of the application.
Business Research VisitYou are recommended to conduct an in-person exploratory visit to Manitoba.

A business research visit allows the applicant to conduct extensive research of their future business investment or proposal. The business research visit must be conducted no more than one year prior to the submission of your EOI.

You can attend information sessions for the Business Investor Stream (BIS) while conducting your business research visit in Manitoba. These information sessions will provide details about the BIS and information about doing business in Manitoba.
AdaptabilityPoints will be allocated to you if:

  • your spouse has CLB/NCLC 5 or higher;
  • you or your spouse have CLB/NCLC 5 or higher in the second official language;
  • you or your spouse or common-law partner have a close relative currently residing in Manitoba for more than one year;
  • your child is enrolled in an accredited Manitoba educational institution and is actively pursuing academic, professional or vocational training on a full-time basis for at least six months prior to the date of submission of EOI; and/or
  • you or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner have completed a program of full-time study for at least one year at a post-secondary institution in Manitoba. You or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner must have done this after you turned 17 years old and with a valid study permit; or
  • you or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner have completed at least six months of continuous full time employment in Manitoba. A letter of reference from the employer and a copy of the work permit must be provided.
AgeThere is no minimum or maximum age; however, ranking points are allocated to candidate between 25 to 49 years of age.

Who cannot apply to the MPNP?

The following are not eligible to submit an application to the MPNP:

  • Refugee claimants, or individuals involved in a federal appeal or removal process
  • Live-in Caregivers currently living in Canada
  • Temporary foreign workers currently working and residing in a province other than Manitoba
  • Spouses of Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Individuals who have been refused by the MPNP within the last six months and who are not able to address the reason(s) for refusal
  • Individuals who have an active immigration application with any other provincial immigration program or federal immigration program in Canada. Note: an Express Entry profile is not considered an immigration application.

If you or your spouse already have an active MPNP application, you are not eligible to submit an additional application to any other stream/pathway of the MPNP.