Apply for Permanent Residence

After receiving their nomination, provincial nominees are responsible for completing and submitting a complete application for permanent residence (PR) to IRCC. This must be done within 180 days from the date of nomination.

Follow the steps on the Application for Permanent Residence – Provincial Nominee Class (IMM P7000) page of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website to apply for PR.

If the IRCC Centralized Intake Office (CIO) accepts your application as complete, they will send you a file number and tell you your next steps, including which Canadian visa office will process your application. You can check your application status online using your file number. Do not contact the MPNP regarding the status of your PR application; PR applications are under the sole authority of IRCC.

Please note the following while your PR application is being processed:

  • You must notify the MPNP of employment, address or family changes using the Skilled Worker Webform. You must also notify IRCC of these changes. If you fail to advise the MPNP of changes to the information you submitted in your MPNP application, we reserve the right to withdraw the nomination.
  • If you are working in Manitoba, you are responsible for maintaining legal status in Canada. Be prepared to apply for an extension of your current permit or for another permit while your PR application is being processed.
  • If you are an overseas candidate, do not arrange to move (or quit your job, etc.) until after IRCC officially informs you of receiving PR.

The visa office processing your application will advise you when you and your dependants must get a medical exam and obtain a police certificate.

Once you receive PR, you must notify the MPNP at