Application Assessment

Please note that due to the high volume of MPNP applications, processing commitment is exceeding six months from application submission date. If additional information is needed, the MPNP will contact you using the email and/or phone number that is provided on your application. Delays may occur when additional work or verification is needed due to, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • A Manitoba Supporter/household is supporting multiple applications
  • A Manitoba employer is making multiple job offers
  • Insufficiently detailed and/or credible documents
  • Suspected use of an undeclared immigration representative
  • Verification required to confirm additional information obtained during the assessment of an application
  • Changes to the application after initial submission by the applicant

Through the entire assessment period, you must inform us of all changes to the information you submitted by emailing us at

Assessment criteria

MPNP assessment is based on the submission of credible and verifiable documentation that satisfactorily demonstrate you meet current program criteria (as published on this website on the date your application is received) for employability and adaptability.

Employability is assessed on the basis of

  • past education, training, work experience as well as any applicable certification, licence or registration (regulatory requirements) necessary for your occupation in Manitoba
  • job-ready English
  • current demand and potential for long-term employment and career growth in your occupation in the evolving Manitoba labour market
  • the description of duties, skills, talents and work settings in the Canadian economy described in the National Occupation Classification (NOC)

Adaptability is your genuine intention and ability to economically establish and make an immediate, and ongoing, positive contribution to Manitoba as a permanent resident, as demonstrated by your employability, your Settlement Plan and settlement supports, and a connection to Manitoba that is stronger than ties to another community in Canada.


All applicants not currently working in Manitoba (i.e., Skilled Worker Overseas candidates) are subject to the MPNP points system. Please see the Points Assessment section on the Eligibility - Skilled Worker Overseas page for more information.

Education and experience

You must provide proof you have the education and/or training and work experience needed to meet all qualification requirements to perform the job you currently have in Manitoba or, for those not employed here full-time, to get a job in your occupation soon after you arrive in Manitoba.

Regardless of the occupation you intend to pursue in Manitoba, the MPNP will assess your application based on your employability in the occupation for which you have the most employment experience, education and training.

Because the MPNP is an economic immigration program, assessment also takes into account local labour market demand and outlook for your occupation. For example, if your occupation is a teacher and you cannot work until you are certified in Manitoba, assessment would consider these factors.

Receiving approval of the MPNP does not mean that you can immediately start working upon arrival in Manitoba. It is your responsibility to find employment and, if required, complete any credential assessments, education and/or training required.


The MPNP is not a sponsorship program. We select independent skilled workers who bring benefit to the Manitoba economy and intend to settle here as permanent residents. This process requires adaptability.

Connection to Manitoba is a measure of an applicant's ability and intention to establish in our province as a permanent resident, demonstrated by job experience and a long-term job offer for applicants currently working in Manitoba and, for overseas applicants, social or family ties, past school or work experience, or familiarity gained through an MPNP recruitment mission or MPNP exploratory visit.

In assessing your application, the MPNP considers whether you have ties to Manitoba that are sufficiently strong, and whether those ties are stronger than any connection you may have to another Canadian province. The MPNP reserves the right to refuse your application if you cannot demonstrate your connection to Manitoba is stronger than your connection to another province.

Adjusting to life in Manitoba will take time and financial resources. Applicants must demonstrate sufficient and available settlement funds as per the Settlement Funds page on our website.

Settlement Plan

You must demonstrate your adaptability and employability by submitting with your application a Settlement Plan that shows

  • why you have chosen Manitoba as your immigration destination
  • your plan for settling in a specific destination community
  • the type and strength of your connection to Manitoba
  • that you are taking steps to ensure your immediate and long-term employability in Manitoba

Only applicants whose connection to Manitoba is familial or social must have their settlement plan reviewed and endorsed by their Manitoba Supporter (that is, a relative or friend who is established and has been living in Manitoba continuously for at least one year and is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident).

The Supporter you designate must endorse your plan by completing and submitting to the MPNP a form called Settlement Plan Part 2. When you submit your application, MPNP Online emails your plan confidentially to the supporter address you indicated.

Language ability

All applicants must have job-ready English. In general, a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level of 4 is considered to be the minimum English language ability for employment in Canada. However, many occupations require much greater proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening in English.

All applicants except those currently working in Manitoba in TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3 (previously NOC 0, A or B) must submit results of an approved language test to demonstrate their English proficiency.

Other positive criteria, such as family, social or community support and the information in your Settlement Plan, are important to demonstrate your adaptability to Manitoba, but cannot replace the need to demonstrate that you have the language proficiency needed to work in your occupation.


After a full assessment of your application is completed, you will be sent a nomination certificate if the MPNP has approved your application.

In cases where an application is being considered for refusal, a procedural fairness letter (PFL) will be sent to the applicant (and their representative, if applicable). Please see the Procedural Fairness page for more information.

Applications are refused in situations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • You have not provided sufficiently detailed, credible documentation for full assessment.
  • The information you provided in your application does not match your Expression of Interest (EOI) and/or supporting documents provided do not substantiate claims made in your EOI submission.
  • You fail to demonstrate that you have sufficient work experience, education and training, including any licence or certification required, to find employment in your assessed occupation in Manitoba.
  • You have insufficient language ability to be employable in Manitoba.
  • You fail to demonstrate your ability and intention to establish permanently in Manitoba.
  • You fail to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria under which the application is being assessed.
  • You fail to demonstrate you have sufficient settlement supports including Settlement Funds and the endorsement of relatives or friends who are established residents of Manitoba with strong ties to you, the applicant, and meet MPNP eligibility criteria for Manitoba Supporters.
  • You fail to demonstrate in your Settlement Plan that you are taking sufficient steps to become employable including pursuing any required occupational licence or certification.
  • You fail to demonstrate that your Connection to Manitoba, through current employment, social or familial relations, program invitation, or past education or employment in the province, is stronger than ties you have to another part of Canada.
  • You were found to have used the services of an undisclosed immigration representative for your application to the MPNP.

Request for review

If you applied to the MPNP before April 30, 2015 and were issued a refusal letter following the assessment of your file, you may, in limited circumstances, submit a request for review (RFR). Please see the Request for Review section on the Procedural Fairness page for more information.


If you wish to withdraw your MPNP application and you have not yet been nominated, email with your request.

If you wish to withdraw after you receive your nomination certificate, you must notify both the MPNP at and the Canadian visa office to which the MPNP sent your nomination certificate.