Business Start-Up Supports

All approved applicants must meet with an MPNP Business Immigration Officers as soon as they arrive in Manitoba with a temporary work permit, as a condition of your Business Performance Agreement (BPA).

MPNP Business Immigration officers can assist you with general guidance to help you:

  • Execute your proposed business plan.
  • Understand the local business environment and culture.
  • Understand the regulatory environment and related legal requirements.
  • Set up processes and functions for a successful operation.
  • MPNP Business Immigration officers can also refer you to external business support agencies to assist you based on your specific business start-up plans.

The Immigration Programs Branch can also help by connecting you and your family members to a variety of settlement and integration supports that will you help establish successfully in Manitoba.

For more detailed information on any of the items presented, please contact the Immigration Programs Branch at 204-945-2806 or