Winnipeg Map for Newcomers

Manitoba Education and Training has published a Spring 2019 Winnipeg Map for Newcomers replacing the 2015 version. The map is a guide to many of the supports and services available in Winnipeg, Manitoba and will help newcomers locate information on:

  • Newcomer Arrival and Settlement Supports
  • Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Workers (NISW)
  • Health and Family Supports
  • Housing
  • Adult Language Training Programs
  • Employment Supports
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Libraries
  • Other Government Services

Print versions of the 2019 map are available at Manitoba Start (271 Portage Avenue).

PDF version available here (8MB).

Interactive version coming Fall 2019.

The interactive map will include the supports and services listed above as well a section dedicated to Services de Soutien Francophone. Check back in November for details.