Choose Manitoba

Each year some 15,000 people from countries all over the world move to Manitoba, finding in this Canadian province new jobs and careers, friendly communities and affordable family living.

Newcomers choose Manitoba for many reasons. Some choose Manitoba to be closer to family, some for employment opportunities, and for others it is an attraction to a part of Canada that is not too big and not too small.

Manitoba immigrants are succeeding! According to a recent survey, 85 per cent of Manitoba provincial nominees were working three months after arrival, 76 per cent were homeowners within five years and 95 per cent of families settle permanently in the community, making Manitoba their new home.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Many newcomers arrive in Manitoba after being nominated by the Province for their skills, education, and connection to the community. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is the welcoming doorway to Canadian permanent residence and the path to success for these skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and their families – attracted by the lifestyle, employment and business opportunities offered by the strong, stable economy in Manitoba, Canada.

Other Ways to Immigrate

New Manitobans also arrive under family sponsorship and other federal immigration pathways. It is the connection to immediate and extended family that makes life in Manitoba so enjoyable and rewarding. When people have supports to help them celebrate successes as well as during life challenges, they are more successful. It is no surprise to see many years later that strong connections to Manitoba have been established and new pioneer stories have been created.

In addition to immigration, Manitoba has a long history of opening its doors to those in need of humanitarian protection from war and persecution. Over the years refugees from many parts of the world have settled here, sponsored either by government or private sponsors. While initially requiring greater community support than other newcomers, time has proven that refugees can and do succeed and give back generously to the community that welcomed them.

For all newcomers, welcome home!

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