In-demand Occupations List Update – May 16, 2019


  • The In-demand Occupations List has been updated with information indicating whether some occupations will only be considered as in-demand under some streams.
  • In addition, some occupations have been removed from the list (where indicated below).
  • Finally, CLB requirements have been adjusted for some occupations to improve consistency across specific NOC groups (as indicated below).

Occupations removed from the list:

NOCDescriptionAffected Stream(s)
0114Other administrative services managersSWO
1221Administrative officersSWO
1241Administrative assistantsSWO
0311Managers in Health CareSWO
0601Corporate sales managersSWO
0621Retail and wholesale trade managersSWO
0651Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c.SWO

Minimum CLB levels changed:

NOCDescriptionCLB Increased or Decreased?
0211Engineering managersIncreased to CLB 7
0212Architecture and science managersIncreased to CLB 7
2123Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialistsDecreased to CLB 5
2281Computer network techniciansDecreased to CLB 5
0711Construction managersIncreased to CLB 7
0712Home building and renovation managersIncreased to CLB 7
0714Facility operation and maintenance managersIncreased to CLB 7

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