What’s New for MPNP-B?

Update: September 29, 2017

Month Number of LAAs Issued Range of Scores
September 31 90 to 95

Of the 31 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs), twenty-one (21) were sent to applicants with the lowest point score of 90.

Thirty (30) applications, including those from Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative, were received for the month of September 2017.

Note: The MPNP-B draws submissions from the EOI pool periodically. A Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) is issued to the highest scoring submissions existing in the pool at the time of draw. Due to limited number of available spots, the LAA issuance is prioritized on the basis of date of last update in case of a tied score.

The EOI pool is active and dynamic. Its composition changes with every additional submission. Submissions are drawn multiple times every month and the range of scores varies for every draw. The range of scores depends on the available EOI submissions in the pool at the time of the draw.