Who do I contact after I arrive in Manitoba?

It is important that you contact staff of the MPNP, located on the 7th Floor, 213 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, telephone: 204-945-1872, to arrange an appointment. You will be required to bring your landing papers with you at that time. The MPNP Office provides information, advice and guidance to Nominees of the MPNP in preparing for and going through the establishment of their proposed businesses.

If my application has been refused due to the identification of falsified documents, misrepresentation or concealment of material facts can I re-apply?

Yes. However, you will not be eligible to re-apply for two years from the date of the decline letter. You must start the application process by beginning at Step 1 of the “How to Apply” process. Applicants who wish to re-apply must also adhere to all the application steps and processes outlined in the “How to Apply” section.