Canada 'tops' with UK skilled workers

Skilled workers in the UK take note: Canada is the no. 1 immigration destination, having knocked down Australia after a decade in the top spot, according to attendance records of recent Working International expos.

Working International holds recruitment events in the UK, and partners with employers and the Province of Manitoba to source internationally experienced skilled workers and professionals who are needed in the Manitoba labour market.

If you are a Manitoba employer seeking staff or are interested in moving to Manitoba, Canada, take note of these upcoming Work International events:

London (Sep. 20–21, 2014): 26 million people live within two hours of London. Also a European hub, you can expect to meet Brits from the South of England and skills from Europe. We regularly attract highly specialist people from Germany and other Western European countries applying to specific positions being promoted.

Dublin (Sep. 24, 2014): Unemployment in Ireland is almost 12 per cent. Prospects are not great for many, yet the skill base is high. Irish workers in all areas contribute significantly to our economy and are well respected in Canada. The one-day event allows you to meet these people and directly recruit them before they move.

Manchester (Sep. 27–28, 2014): The hub of the North of England, Manchester is within two hours of 17.5 million people. Steeped in manufacturing and engineering history, Canadian companies always do well here, meeting skilled people very motivated to move for a superior lifestyle and away from overcast skies.