Enhanced MPNP Online includes Status Check

As part of the province's commitment to continual improvement of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), we've added automated Status Check functionality to MPNP Online.

To find out the status of your application, simply log in to MPNP Online and click Status Check to see where your file stands in the assessment process.

This change improves our quality of service and enhances the client experience by allowing applicants to check the status of submitted applications anytime, anywhere.

Through the MPNP, Manitoba selects internationally educated and experienced skilled workers and professionals who are needed by local employers, and who demonstrate a commitment to settle with their families in Manitoba communities as permanent residents.

The MPNP is open to temporary workers (TFWs and international student graduates) who have been offered a permanent job by a Manitoba employer, as well as to qualified candidates not currently working in the province but who demonstrate a strong connection to Manitoba through past employment or education, through family and friends, or through an invitation to apply as part of MPNP promotion and recruitment activities.

Skilled immigrants selected by the MPNP are nominated to receive from the Government of Canada permanent resident status for themselves and their families, which enables nominees to settle in Manitoba, thereby addressing immediate labour market demand and contributing to the growth of our communities.

To improve processing of applications, the Province of Manitoba launched MPNP Online in June 2011, and after two years of positive feedback, the MPNP eliminated paperwork entirely, giving Manitoba the country's first online-only immigration process.

Eastern Europe Recruitment Mission 2014

Note: The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is no longer accepting expressions of interest to participate in this recruitment mission.

Representatives of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) are scheduled to visit Eastern Europe at the end of next month to recruit qualified skilled workers interested in moving to and settling in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Deadline: Your complete expression of interest must be received by the MPNP office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada no later than Friday, April 25, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. CST.

Interviews of pre-selected candidates (only) will be held in Warsaw and Berlin. Details and dates will be provided to individuals who pass our screening process.

To be selected, email the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program at mpnpexploratoryvisit@gov.mb.ca with the subject line "Eastern Europe 2014". Attach your résumé and the official results document from a recent IELTS-G test showing you scored at least 5 in all categories and overall.

Note: The MPNP Eastern Europe Recruitment Mission 2014 is open only to passport holders of Eastern European countries, including the former Soviet bloc. You must be able to travel to Poland or Germany for an interview.

To candidates who pass the initial screening, the MPNP will send a questionnaire about your employment and education, and your intention and ability to economically establish and settle in Manitoba, Canada as a permanent resident.

After an interview, you may be formally invited to apply to immigrate through the MPNP under the Manitoba Invitation connection category.